4 tips to find useful resources for caregivers

Whether you decide to be a primary caregiver or a secondary caregiver, you have to put in a lot of personal time, hard work, and resources to make your loved one feel cared for without any stress or anxiety. You may have to become a caregiver suddenly due to an unforeseen illness of your loved one or your role as a caregiver may evolve over time due to your loved one’s age or if they are suffering from a debilitating illness. In either case, you may sometimes find yourself lost and unsure about certain aspects of caregiving. In such situations, it can be helpful to seek out external services and support. Here are a few useful tips that can help you find support services to aid in your caregiving process:

  • Ask for help
    Family and friends are often the most helpful resources when it comes to providing support. Distant relatives, neighbors, and friends often look for small opportunities to help out and will often ask if you need any assistance. Involve them in the caregiving process. This will take the load off.
  • Research on the Internet
    The Internet is a good place to look for support services. Many caregiving assistance-providers have their own websites where they advertise the various services they provide. You can easily find the providers that are close to where you are staying. You can also find their contact information and do background research to check whether these providers are reliable or not.
  • Talk to a representative
    Once you have sourced a list of support services, start making calls. Talk to a representative and inquire about the services they provide. Through phone calls, you can also gauge whether the staff is friendly and helpful. You can know the level of reliability and transparency from their willingness to divulge information.
  • Make a list of questions
    Before making calls, ensure that you make a list of questions you want to ask. Since you will be delegating a part of your caregiving responsibility to an outsider, you will have to ensure that your loved one and their needs are well-taken care of in your absence. Hence, make your questions as detailed and specific as possible. Ensure that you are clear about what you and your loved one would require.


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