4 popular online courses that offer business administration degrees

A business administration degree equips a person with skills required for management and administration of business operations. A person with a degree in business administration also learns decision-making skills and people management. Specialized courses focus on accounting and finance, management of human resources and working with management information systems. There are business administration degrees for working professionals as well. These are known as executive business administration degrees, which are at the post-graduate level.

A person can do a Bachelor of Business Administration or a Master of Business Administration. Online business administration degrees are feasible for those who are working and do not have the time to attend college full-time. Also, these courses cost relatively less than full-time business administration programs. If you want to enroll for an online business administration degree, we have a list of five popular online courses for you:

  1. University of Florida’s Warrington College of Business: This college offers online as well as offline Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree. With the cost per credit hour being $306, this degree gives the opportunity to combine general business subjects with professional development subjects.
  2. Oregon State University: Through the university’s Ecampus, a person can do either a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science in business administration. Along with business administration and finance subjects as their majors, students can also take up minor subjects such as wildlife, political science, history, geography and so on. Students also have access to College of Business’ Career Success Center that helps them with internships and networking.
  3. Colorado State University’s Global Campus: CSU gives the opportunity to pursue a dual degree in business management: BS in Business Management and Masters of Science in Management. There is a complete freedom for a person t create their own schedule since the curriculum is very flexible.
  4. Walden University: This accredited online university offers a bachelor’s in business administration. The specialization available with this course includes accounting and communications. The course duration is 48 months. Along with experienced faculty, the university provides 24/7 tech support to its online students.


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