4 benefits of CLA that you should know

Planning to go on a weight loss spree? There is no doubt that the thought of consuming CLA may have crossed your mind. Conjugated linoleic acid is a trans-fatty acid that naturally occurs and belongs to the family of omega-6 class of fatty acids. This is a mixture that comprises of 28 isomers, and every isomer has a different effect on the body.

The popularity of CLA is growing with each passing day. Fitness enthusiasts see these fatty acids to be extremely beneficial in the weight loss journey. CLA is found in foods such as animal meats and dairy. However, these fatty acids may not suffice. Thus, a large number of companies are offering CLA supplements with a promise of a plethora of health benefits. If you are still wondering about the benefits of CLA and how it can aid in good health, here are few:

Increases the rate of metabolism CLA helps the body process food at a faster rate. This means that the food is efficiently converted into energy. The fatty acids effectively boost metabolic reactions and regulate the tissues of fat in the body. It is believed to alter the ratio of muscles to the of the fat, thereby increasing the use of energy.

Weight loss For individuals, who follow an intense fitness regime daily, CLA can reduce body fat mass. This helps to a large extent in the journey towards weight loss. The fatty acids do not act as miracle supplements and are only effective when paired with the right exercise and fat-free diet.

Fights cancer CLA can prevent the development of cancers or tumors. It fights cancers in the lungs, breast, skin and other body parts. As per studies, the intake of CLA regularly can reduce the growth of tumor in individuals who suffer from the disease. However, before taking CLA supplements, it is essential to consult the doctor as these can interfere with the effects of other medications.

Boost immunity CLA is believed to have a significant effect in boosting the immune system. Usually, when one undergoes a fitness regime or follows a strict diet, the immune system weakens, however, CLA can prevent those dreaded viruses from affecting the body. It also blocks the catabolic effects in times of illness.

While the benefits of CLA may sound luring, consuming CLA supplements do bring side-effects such as an upset stomach, vomiting and more. One should consult a medical professional before the intake of these fatty acids.

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