3 popular hair dryers under $200

People who blow-dry their hair every day or even occasionally know that it is essential to pick the right kind of hair dryer. A cheap hair dryer is easy on the pocket, but most often, it leaves behind damaged hair with a lot of frizz. However, buying an affordable hair dryer need not be a stressful affair. Here are three popular hair dryers that good for your wallet as well as your hair.

  • Gamma Più Ion Ceramic S: Gamma Più is an Italian brand that specializes in hair dryers and hair straighteners. The Ion Ceramic S hair dryer is one of their most popular products. Weighing around one pound, this is one of the lightest hair dryers available in the market. Thus, it is perfect for those people who have to hold their hair dryers for a long time to style their hair. Moreover, it is easy to grip and quite convenient to use as well. Available in three color variants (black, red, and silver), the price of this hair dryer ranges from $91 to $170 approximately.
  • Elchim Classic 2001 Hair Dryer: Elchim, a Milan-based brand, provides some of the best top-of-the-line hair dryers at affordable prices. The price range is somewhere between $85 to $250 approximately. The Elchim Classic 2001 hair dryer is one of their most popular products as it costs nearly $94. Moreover, t is perfect for those people who have curly hair as it helps to maintain the natural bounce. With a power of around 2,000 watts, it dries hair pretty quickly and comes with three temperature settings. Additionally, it has a two-speed setting as well.
  • Conair 1875-Watt Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer: One of the most affordable hair dryers in the market, the Conair 1875-Watt Ionic Ceramic hair dryer costs around $30. It has 1875 watts of power and weighs just 1.7 pounds. Its Ionic conditioning feature ensures that your hair remains hydrated and soft. Furthermore, it prevents heat damage and ensures approximately 75% less fizz. It has three temperature control settings and two-speed settings along with a conveniently placed Cool Shot button for quick and easy styling. Additionally, it comes with a diffuser as well as a concentrator.


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