3 Popular brands of commercial refrigerators

Proper refrigeration is of paramount importance in today’s food industry. The moment the supplies arrive at your store, it is your duty to keep it fresh till it reaches your customer’s plate. As with all products, the brand is essential in commercial refrigerators as well. For instance, choosing time-tested products such as True commercial refrigerators, which suit your requirements and budget at the same time, save you from unanticipated troubles.
Here is a list of some of the best brands for latest commercial refrigerators.

While talking about True commercial refrigerators, it is important to mention about the reach-in refrigerators consisting of two or three doors. An estimated dimension of such True commercial refrigerators is 29’’ wide, 84’’ tall and 30’’ deep. The best part of the freezers is that most of them are tall, spacious, and narrow. Some other features that True commercial refrigerators are popular for include interior lighting, self-closing doors including locks, and
the exterior dial thermometer.

Maxx Cold
Being one of the most preferred brands for commercial refrigerators, Maxx Cold has come with a unique two section refrigerator whose storage capacity is about 49 cu.ft. The refrigerators of this brand are made up of commercial quality stainless steel and provide reliable service for many years. Few other facilities include an auto defrost system, easy-to-use digital controller, coated wire and spill proof shelves, along with manufacturer warranty of 5 years for the compressor and 1 year on labor and parts.

This brand aims to manufacture freezing units in such a manner so as to ensure optimal design and performance. Similar to True commercial refrigerators, both 2 and 3-door commercial freezers of Norpole are available with the facility of self-closing doors. This particular feature leads to lesser waste of energy. The doors stay open at an angle of 90 degrees, and thus it becomes easy for a person to load and unload storage items. The storage capacity is also ample (48 cu. ft.) and the shelves are adjustable and removable.

For running a successful business in the food industry, refrigerating units like True commercial refrigerators are a must, hence make sure you do your research before making the right purchase.

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