3 elegant curtain and drape panel styles for your home

Curtains and drapes are not only essential for privacy but are also required to make your home interiors look aesthetically pleasing. Well-picked curtains and drapes with colors and patterns compatible with the dcor of the interiors add a touch of softness and style to your room. Apart from colors, materials, textures, and patterns, the type of curtain and drape panel styles are also important to make your rooms visually appealing. Here are four popular styles of curtain and drapes panel styles you can use for your window treatments.

  • Rod-pocket panels
    These curtains and drapes panels give a casual look to a room. They are generally made of light fabrics such as silk, linen, and polyester. These panels are unlined which renders the casual look. The panels have a channel sewn into the top back. The curtain rod can be easily inserted through the channel; this makes curtains and drapes with rod-pocket panels easy to hang. A dramatic look can be added by bunching more fabric together. This can be done by squeezing more fabric onto the rod. Ruffled headers can be also added for a more stylistic pattern. This adds an old-world charm to the room. A useful tip is to keep curtains and drapes with rod-pocket panels in a closed position or tied back with decorative holdbacks and tassels.
  • Panels with rings
    The panels of curtains and drapes hang from rings. Also called grommets, the rings are attached to the top of the panel or inserted through the fabric at the top edge of the curtains or drapes. In this type of panels, the curtain rods are exposed. It is recommended to use metal or wooden rods that have ornamental finials on the ends and look attractive. Curtains and drapes with ringed panels are compatible with various dcor styles including sleek contemporary styles and casual country looks. Since these curtains and drapes with this type of panel are easy to close and open, they are suitable for patio windows.
  • Tab-top panels
    The curtains and drapes with this panel style have fabric loops sewn onto or into the top seam of the panel. Since the panel hangs flat from these loops, this style is perfect if you want to showcase the patterns and prints of your curtains and drapes. This type of panels is compatible with casual interior dcor looks, especially with cottage or country looks when you have lots of stripes, floral, or check pattern on your fabric. Curtains and drapes with tab-top panels are suitable for windows that do not need to be regularly opened. This is because curtains and drapes with tab-top panels are quite tedious to draw, and they are generally stationary.


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