10 types of ice cube trays with a modern touch

Summer is the most awaited season especially after a long haul of chilly, snowy winter. As the temperatures begin to soar, the importance of ice cube trays becomes more prominent. Gone are the days of plastic ice cube trays where all you received after waiting for so many hours was a frozen block of water. Today, rubber ice trays that allow molding ice in different shapes are purchased happily by customers. While standard ice cube trays do have a strong foothold in the market, those made from other materials have also started finding a place on store shelves.

  • Alphabetical ice cube trays These rubber ice trays that feature numerous alphabets are an interesting way of engaging kids in a more interactive way of learning.
  • Batman ice cube trays These ice cube molds are characterized by the classic Batman logo that is both quirky as well as useful.
  • Cat-shaped ice cube trays These cute little rubber ice trays produce cubes the shape of kittens that will melt your guests’ heart.
  • Coffee bean ice cube trays Nothing can be more interesting than dropping a coffee bean-shaped block of ice in a glass of your favorite frappucino.
  • Ringed ice cube trays These beautiful ring shaped ice cube trays are the most innovative ones you will ever find. Don’t be surprised if your heart craves to put these icy rings on the fingers rather than in the glass.
  • Gem ice cube trays Fill in colorful liquids in these plastic ice cube trays to create your own set of gems and diamonds.
  • Guitar plastic ice trays Equipped with guitar sticks, these ice cube molds are a must have for all those who enjoy grooving to the beats of music along with having a glass of chilled beer. The guitar sticks serve as stirrers and add to the musical ambiance of the party.
  • Angry Birds ice cube trays If you are planning to invite your kid’s friends over for a small party, fill in a flavored drink in these ice cube molds from their favorite game and voila, you have delicious iced lollies ready.
  • Bullet ice cube trays Available on Amazon for around $11, these plastic ice cube trays will be loved by boys for their unique shape.
  • Dog-shaped ice cube trays If you are fond of animals, you will instantly fall in love with the Dachshund ice cube molds that produce tiny iced replicas of the animal.

There are various other types of distinct styles and designs of rubber ice trays and plastic ice cube trays such as those in the form of grenades, hearts, shells, Iron Man, Homer Simpson, Lego blocks, Super Mario, etc. to feed your imagination and creativity.


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