10 quick and easy weight reducing tips

Your lifestyle plays a significant role in your weight loss journey. Making small tweaks can go a long way in shedding a few extra pounds. Here are some quick and easy tips to lose weight without sweating it out much.

  • Get a minimum of eight hours sleep every day. Sleep deprivation can play with your hunger hormones and increase your appetite.
  • Indulge yourself in fun activities such as dancing to your favorite songs everyday or practicing some stress-relieving activities. Go cycling in the park once in a while or play some games with children. Do this for at least 15 minutes everyday. You will notice a change gradually.Drink at least half a liter of water, half an hour before meals. Studies show that water can boost metabolism and help you burn calories effectively.
  • Cleanse your palate with mint or breath strips to stop yourself from reaching for a second serving of fatty foods. Mint will help you get rid of the delicious taste from your tongue and diminish your cravings. Drinking water or tea can also have a similar effect.
  • Follow a low-crab diet as opposed to a low-fat diet. The former is proven to reduce cardiovascular risk and promote weight loss. For starters, avoid sugary drinks, white bread and cookies. Reduce your carb intake gradually to see results.
  • Incorporate fiber rich foods in your diet. Researchers discovered that consuming 30 grams of fiber everyday improves health and promotes weight loss. Foods like almonds, fresh figs, raw avocados and blackberries are packed with fiber and will keep you satiated for longer.
  • Make sure your diet is supplemented with vitamin D and calcium. According to a study by Nutrition Journal, a combination of the two helps in weight loss. Have a scoop of Greek yogurt everyday to replenish your body with healthy nutrients.
  • Replace your grain-based breakfast with eggs. Doing so will ensure that you consume fewer calories. Eggs are rich in protein and are very beneficial for helping your body lose fat quickly.
  • Eat dark chocolate in moderation to reduce your overall body fat. Dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that can help in reducing your waistline. Studies have shown that eating dark chocolate with at least 70 percent cacao contains enough flavonoid content to aid weight loss.
  • Maintain a food diary. Writing down or taking pictures of your meals helps in increasing awareness of your portion sizes and calorie intake. This will help you make conscious weight loss decisions.

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