7 easy ways to decorate tricky spaces

It is easy to decorate the main spaces of the house such as the living room, the kitchen, the dining areas and the bedrooms. However, it is the nooks and crannies, the corners and the tricky shapeless spaces that have us scratching our heads as to how to use them in the best possible manner. Most houses have cramped spaces, especially under the stairs, corners of a room or oddly-shaped hallways. Let us add some charm to those niches and make them prettier and better-looking.

  • Curved living rooms throw up unusual challenges. Instead of leaving the corner empty, add a bowl of potpourri, a vase with fresh flowers or a small plant. You could even add an L-shaped or a curved sofa, the advantage being that space will be used and there will be more seating in the living room.
  • If the dining room is in a corner space, installing a round table can add more chairs and provide more seating space than a square or rectangular one, apart from giving the dining space a different look.
  • Do you have a surfboard tucked away in the corner of your garage or basement? Take advantage of it by placing it in the corner of the room, adding a beautiful yet whimsical decorative touch to it. Decorate its front with masks to add to the whimsy.
  • There is nothing cozier than wedging into a tiny space curled up with the books you love. A corner space can be converted into a comfortable reading space by simply adding a comfy chair or a bean bag.
  • Add drama to the fireplace or hearth by adding rattan furniture to create a rustic look, as well as make use of the space in front of the hearth and adding more seating to the area.
  • The ideal way to utilize corners and nooks is to add cabinets of the shape of the corner or nook. It could not only be a great storage space but one can also display photo frames, lamps, souvenirs from travels, trophies, etc.
  • If you want to maximize space in the washroom, simply add a huge mirror: it will save you the pain of having to decorate every nook and corner of the washroom and also give the impression of vastness of space.

Corners, nooks and tricky spaces in the house needn’t go waste; one can easily convert them into valuable spaces by applying some tips and tricks.

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