5 simple home ringworm treatments

A contagious fungus, ringworm can be a tedious thing to get rid of. Although most of us would neglect this, this disease does require some serious attention or else can worsen. If you do not have a doctor handy or have skipped an appointment, then here are some of the simple and easy-to-use home treatments for ringworm.

Ringworm is not just limited to human skin infection. Pets such as cats and dogs can also carry these fungi. In case you come across horse, sheep or cattle that are infected by ringworm, be careful around them and avoid contact. Apart from spreading ringworm through animals and pets, it can also be caught from the soil.

Ringworm is common and appears on the surface of the body. It is a known that ringworm is contagious and this is the reason we should not neglect to cure it as soon as possible. Due to the contagious nature of ringworm, it can appear almost on any surface of the body. Check out these shortlisted five simple home ringworm treatments that can come handy any day.

Application of apple cider vinegar
Known for possessing anti-fungal properties, apple cider vinegar is one of the popular choices for home ringworm treatment. Apply it directly on the skin and it will offer an acidic environment to the fungi of ringworm and create a non-conducive environment for them. Regular use of apple cider vinegar can be helpful in eliminating the fungi completely.

Tea tree oil
One of the best choices for antiseptic and anti-fungal agent, tea tree oil is considered amazing for ringworm treatment. It is extracted from Melaleuca Alternifolia, which is proved to show definitive results in curing ringworm fungus.

Licorice paste is known for treating fungal infection. In case you are looking for home treatments for ringworm, direct application of licorice paste is one of the popular choices. One needs to apply the paste on a regular basis to eliminate the infection completely.

Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera is considered as a perfect solution for anti-fungal, antiseptic, and anti-microbial conditions. It helps to gently heal different skin conditions, including ringworm. Aloe Vera gel provides a soothing effect to the skin and also cures any skin rash or itchiness.

Coconut oil
Extremely safe and effective, coconut oil can be used as a home ringworm treatment. Coconut oil contains Lauric acid, which is a strong anti-fungal agent. It helps in killing the ringworm fungus and healing the skin effectively.

Keep these five simple and effective home ringworm treatments handy.

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